Creating Key Performance Indicators

Determining and measuring what's important

If ever there was a time to focus intently on performance, it is now.
So how do we decide who our good performers are?
How do we know for certain that our people are focused on the important stuff?



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Motivational Factors for Adult Learning:

Participation in learning is Voluntary

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The objective is self-directed and empowered people

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life"



Steve Punter will guide you through a half-day interactive workshop after which you will be able to decide on, create and write meaningful Key Performance Indicators that will be treated with respect and value by your people. You’ll see how KPIs measure what’s important, and how they link to Business Strategy. You’ll learn ways to get buy-in and enthusiasm from managers and staff alike.

Learning Objective:
Participants will be able to create and establish agreed KPI’s by which the performance of individuals (and teams) will be measured.

Target Audience:
All levels of management. Small business owners with employees.

•KPI’s definition, purpose/benefits
•Creating KPI’s – best practice and models.
•Victor Vroom – modern model of motivational effort (expectancy/valency) relating to goal achievement.
•SMART goal-setting dusted-off and revisited in relation to KPI’s.
•Selling the benefits – getting buy-in and support from stakeholders, overcoming cynicism and objections.
•Common problems with KPI’s.
•The Performance Review – Reviewing existing KPI’s for relevance and currency.
•Measuring, monitoring and reporting KPI’s
•Creating KPI’s – practical simulations.

So - whether you’re an owner/operator or smaller organisation with a down-to-earth simple Business Plan, or a larger organisation with all the bells and whistles like Vision, Mission and Values founded on concepts like Kaplan/Norton’s Balanced Scorecard and Parmenter’s Critical Success Factors, you’ll see how KPI’s measure what’s important, and how they link to Business Strategy. You’ll see how (1) deciding on and (2) measuring what’s important is a critical key to individual, team and organisational success. Steve will also show you ways to get buy-in and enthusiasm from managers and staff alike.

Length: Half-day (Morning) with breakfast 8am - 12.30pm
Format: Workgroup interactive
Maximum number Participants/facilitator: 15

National Qualifications Framework: Unit standard credits
This course promotes competencies relevant to the following unit standards:

Part of 23396 and 23397

(assessment costs additional)


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