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A funny thing happened on the way........

The Jade, the airport lights and the transmitter

When we were setting up The Jade and installing our equipment and transmitters we had....well what one might call a 'slight technical hitch'

It transpired that when we turned on our Greymouth transmitter, we also turned on the local airport lights and interupted the local Police channel too!

Those of you that have ever seen the very funny 'Airport movie' will no doubt be all having the same mental vision....lights go on, lights go off.....lights go on, lights go off :-)

The Jade team were actually having a celebration dinner that night (celebrating the Greymouth transmitter being turned on) at one of the Company Director's house that overlooks the airport and one person made mention that "there must be a special flight coming in, as the airport lights are on" ...... little knowing that we were the one's responsible

We do of course sincerly apologise for the few hours of havoc we could of caused, but at least we turning them on and not off

To hear The Jade's launch...our VERY first few minutes on air

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