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Te Kuiti o nga whakaaro e te iwi

The convergence of thoughts of the people.



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Nau mai Haere Mai ki te kete Ipurangi o Te Kuiti



Te Kuiti, (The shearing Capital of the world) is situated 78 kms south of Hamilton and 19 kms north- east of Waitomo. The shearing statue (see image above) can be seen at the South end of the township.


Te Kuiti lies in an area known as Pukenui. The original Te Kuiti was situated at the mouth of Mangaokewa Gorge, just below where the Mangaokewa River emerges from the higher country through landscape of limestone. (Click image


There is a historical Marae/Maori meeting house named Tokanganui-a-Noho, which is beautifully carved. The Marae is what is referred to as a working Marae, which plays host to traditional and contemporary events and activities ranging from tangi/funerals, unveilings, weddings, birthdays diversely catering for community hui/meetings and virtually any gathering that requires hosting.


Te Kuiti was the head quarters for Paramount chiefs. Wahanui Huatere and Taonui, who were instrumental in the opening up of the King Country to the railway and the North Island Main Trunk Line.


It is also in this area that the rebel Te Kooti fled in 1871. In return for sanctuary he carved a taonga/gift the beautiful Marae/Meeting House which now stands at the South End of Te Kuiti's main street opposite the shearing statue.


To Maori Te Kooti was not a rebel but was looked upon in fact with reverence by Maori as a hero and an example of the character of men during times of tyranny from European settlers seeking Maori Land. It has been said in korero/conversation with Kuia and Kaumatua that Te Kooti was actually a humble man.









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