A visit to Totara Estate

Totara memorial stands as a tribute to the birthplace of an Industry
The Totara Memorial is tribute to the birthplace of an Industry, virtually unchanged throughout the years

The entrance to Totara Estate is from SH1You enter the estate from the layby on State highway one, through the gates of the stone walled entrance. You then travel along the tree lined driveway toward the buildings that house the collection which is tribute to the birthplace of the meat freezing Industry of New Zealand. To your left as you drive toward the museum is the Totara memorial atop it's hill, who's floodlit pinnacle makes a grand spectacle on a dark and misty night. As you emerge from the trees a perfectly framed panorama of rural North Otago awaits you and the charming atmosphere helps deliver an aire of authenticity to the Totara experience.
There are four Oamaru Stone Buildings in the Totara Estate Museum complex, the reception and starting point for your visit is in the first of these.
Inside the main building, the exhibit details the evolution of the meat freezing industry of New Zealand with a collection of relics and displays.
Cobbled stone floors and a collection of charming implements and tools from another age are displayed in the authentic surroundings throughout these buildings. Many of the displays here are set up to mirror life as was, among these the men's quarters and bunk rooms.
There are many interesting relics standing around amongst the buildings, helping to enforce the feeling of a past era, with their charming character and fascinatingly interesting appearance.