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Scar Infiltration

During every surgical operation fine nerves in the skin are cut.  In the healing process the cut nerve endings can become entangled in the scar tissue and may continue to grow into a ball of nerve endings called neuroma.  The end result is an exquisitely painful spot within the scar which can cause significant pain - either on accidental touch of the spot or indeed spontaneous pain.

One way to address such a problem is to infiltrate local anaesthetic and steroid into the scar neuroma in an attempt to disrupt the ball of nerve endings and to calm these nerve endings down.  This process is indeed painful at the time (similar to a tooth extraction).  In both cases however the very short period of increased pain heralds the end of suffering from the long-term pain of a rotting tooth or in our case a neuroma. 

Last Updated 30/12/2006


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