Italio by IFP Group Adjustable Legs

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The Italio Adjustable Plinth Leg range has become a staple of the furniture industry.  The Italio leg offers outstanding design features with robust construction.  The Express and Flat Pack Leg has a minimum height of 110mm, a maximum height of 170mm and can be pre-set at selected points between 120mm and 150mm according to customer specification.  The Standard or Vanity Leg is preset to 87mm and extends to 130mm maximum.  With this range of adjustment available, the Italio plinth leg meets all requirements even for the most uneven site.

Offering an option of Dowel/Knock-In and Screw-on bases in various designs, as well as two leg heights, the Italio adjustable plinth legs are suitable for all applications.

The integrated leg range has many benefits including access for electrical and plumbing work.  The cabinet structure is totally isolated from the floor and therefore there is no chance of contact with a wet area.

Adjustment is easily carried out with a screwdriver or by hand.  The plinth block or base eliminates damage to door and carcass edges by acting as a skid when moving around the factory or site.

Plinth clips are also available for screw and dowel attachment.

Assembly advantages:

  • An ideal arrangement of base, leg and plinth
  • Robust when moving or mounting the cabinet
  • Easily height adjustable either manually or with a screwdriver
  • Different colours available white, grey or black

Flat Pack Leg

The flat pack leg has all the same features as the adjustable plinth leg with the added benefit of the stem and base being two separate components.  These simply click together in the assembly process.

The flat pack leg has been developed specially for the kitset kitchen market.  It allows manufacturers to reduce their packaging dimensions which saves both space and cost.