Advanced Skin Analysis
What the experts are saying:

First impressions when flicking through the book is the rich, clear and colourful artistic diagrams and the plentiful use of white space, making the book uncluttered. 

Uncluttered yet well researched anatomy, physiology and biochemistry information. It is not however an anatomy and physiology book, the information is mere background for the important points being made. 

The point is that to effectively care for client concerns a complete and in-depth consultation must be undertaken.  

Acne to vascular, with a huge amount inbetween, gives insight into the skin condition – its presentation and variations.
Each topic is given the same template for consistency and clarity.
The skin condition – the ‘what and why’ of it, followed by the ‘diagnostic indicator charts’ dealing with the visual and consulting evidence under the subheading of colour, secretions and texture. This is then broken down to causes, primary and secondary effects and the resulting characteristics. 

This is not a ‘how to do a facial’book – it is an invaluable reference to base underpinning knowledge in better caring for the skin care client. 

Florence Barrett-Hill has been around skin care and it shows (in the nicest possible way) – using years of expertise, Florence has not written a book about beauty – this is a book about serious skin care and the advancement of effective and rational based skin analysis of client concerns. 

You will be fortunate to have this book on your shelf as a valuable reference material to be used each day in your professional workload. 

Terry Everitt 


Changes in the atmosphere have had dramatic effects on our skin, and have resulted in more frequent skin problems.   Beauty therapists have now got an opportunity, as Skin Care Therapists, to help maintain skin health and restore damaged skin. 
We are going to have to rely on professional therapists to treat sun-damaged skin and reduce the risk of developing blemishes, rashes, keratoses and skin cancers.  However, a major problem exists:  many beauty therapists might be unaware of skin physiology and how this impacts on skin treatments.

Many therapists have followed procedures that have minimal scientific basis in which doctors and the public place little credence.   This concerns me, as I believe beauty therapists should be called Skin Care Therapists who have an important role to play in maintaining and restoring skin health.  I have therefore always encouraged a symbiotic relationship between doctors and therapists. 
Making healthy skin is hard work and doctors are under enough pressure treating medical conditions. They therefore cannot dedicate sufficient time to that skin care whereas skin care professionals routinely can and do. 

The fact is that some beauty therapists are insufficiently trained to honour that role.  Beauty therapists and training schools must raise their standards to a significantly higher scientific level, in order that they can be recognised by the medical profession as indispensable to clients. 

When I heard about the professional seminars run by Florence Barrett-Hill I recognised that she was taking beauty therapy into the realms of scientific skin care.  My respect and admiration for her understanding and praxis has grown immensely since meeting her. 
She is meeting the challenging task of creating scientifically aware skin care therapists in New Zealand and in the rest of the world by creating I believe she provides the most informative and effective schooling for therapists in the world. 

Flo, as she is called, has synthesised a wealth of knowledge on skin analysis and treatments gained from careful and intelligent observation. As you read this book, your professional expertise will be exponentially enhanced.

Dr Des Fernades

Terry Everitt  is one of Australia’s leading educators in the Aesthetics and professional skin care industry who  holds a B.A Ed. and a Dip. Training & Assessment and is a CIDESCO Diplomate
He is also a Nationally Certified Medical Aesthetic Specialist (USA), and Nationally Certified Aesthetician (USA), Clinical Aesthetician.
Dr Fernandes is one of South Africa's leading plastic & reconstructive surgeons who also specialises in skin care.
Dr Fernandes is a pioneer in the area of anti-ageing medicine, and is the creator of technologies such as the ROLL-CIT™ and Ionzyme® (combination Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis) devices. He is also the founder of the award winning Environ® skin care brand.