Dynalink USB Pocket Modem

VoiceDesk 56 USB

USB Simplicity
All the features of USB are utilised by the Dynalink Pocket modem...

No installation hassles: Hot Plug & Play, combined with our user-friendly Quick Set-up guide, makes installation a breeze.

Free up Slots & IRQs All USB devices use only one IRQ, so you can forget about any more IRQ conflicts. Also, serial ports and PCI slots are freed up for other hardware devices.

Neat & Clean Dynalink's USB modem ships with just two cables. That's right - no bulky Power Supply Unit that needs another power jack, and no long serial cable to get tangled with the rest of the mess that accumulates behind PC's. Just one black USB cable to the PC and line cable to the phone wall socket.

Pocket Sized The dimensions of the Dynalink USB pocket modem are just 60mm (2") wide by 105mm (4") long by 27mm (1") high, making it ideal for desktop or laptop use.

Internet in a Box
Everything you need to get connected to the Internet, from the modem to the Internet Provider to the software you'll need for surfing and email; it is all in a Dynalink modem box!

Reliability & Performance
Dynalink offers the best in high-speed Data & Fax communication products. This includes a complete line of high-speed modems with an internet download capability of up to 56kbps and an upload capability of 33.6kbps.

56k V.90 Internet Access
Dynalink modems feature state-of-the-art 56k chipsets for high speed communications. Use your Dynalink modem for fast connectivity to the Internet, speedy interactive game playing and downloads of large files or extensive graphics.

Dual-mode means no hassles
Dynalink 56k modems are dual-mode auto-switching V.90 and K56flex. This means there are no V.90 upgrade hassles, as the modem automatically detects which 56k protocol your ISP is using and switches accordingly.

Your Home Paperless Office
When used with the supplied Bitware software (or any other suitable software such as Winfax Pro) you can take advantage of various Dynalink modem features including:

Send & Receive faxes from your PC: Using the supplied software, Dynalink modems can be used to quickly and simply send and receive faxes at 14400bps directly from your computer.

Telephone Answerphone Machine: Use the Dynalink modem as an answering machine on your PC.

Call discrimination: Dynalink modems can automatically tell the difference between a fax and voice call once answered.

Quick & Easy Installation
Here at Dynalink Modems, we know how frustrating computers can be. Thats why we've written our own Quick Set-up Guide to minimise that frustration. Plus, if you do run into a problem, help is only a FREE phone-call away with Dynalink Technical Support.

5-year Warranty and FREE Life-time Technical Support
Dynalink stands behind it's modem with a 5-year back-to-base warranty with next-day turn-around. Also, in the unlikely event that you experience technical difficulties with your Dynalink modem, expert help is only a FREE phone call away. Unlike many other modem companies, there are NO charges associated with calling the Dynalink helpdesk.

Bonus 100 hours Internet access
Dynalink products ship with a great Internet startup offer from Xtra. Free 100 Internet hours when you join Xtra!

Bonus Software
Dynalink modems ship with a CD packed with useful Internet software which is ready for you to use:

  • TAM/Fax/Data Bitware software

  • Modem manuals and drivers
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - top web browser
  • Netscape Navigator 4.6 - top web browser
  • Eudora Light - excellent e-mail client
  • MediaRing Talk - PC-to-Phone software
  • Net2Phone - the pioneer of PC-to-Phone communication
  • WebPhone 4: telephone system over network.
  • RealPlayer
  • Acrobat Reader  

Minimum System Requirements

  • Pentium MMX 200MHz
  • USB port
  • Windows98 or Windows 2000
  • 16MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive for software installation

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