Descendants of Murdoch MacKenzie, Greenock.

Murdoch MacKenzie is described as a Mariner or Seaman in the Parish registers. He married Agnes McNeilage on 22 Mar 1794¹ in Greenock, Middle Parish. Both were from Dunoon.

  1. Margaret MacKenzie, born 17 Feb 1796, bapt. 28 Feb 1796 Greenock, Middle Parish.
  2. John MacKenzie, born 17 Jan 1798, bapt. 21 Jan 1798 Greenock, Middle Parish. He was a Smith. He married Helen Anderson on 24 Jun 1827 in Glasgow.
    1. Murdoch MacKenzie, born 16 Apr 1828 in Glasgow.
    2. James MacKenzie, born 3 Apr 1830 in Glasgow.
    3. John MacKenzie, born 28 Sep 1831 in Glasgow.
    4. James MacKenzie, born 28 Jan 1833 in Glasgow.
    5. Robert MacKenzie, 11 Sep 1838 in Glasgow.
  3. Robert MacKenzie, There are two records of his birth, 1. born 5 Feb 1800, bapt. 9 Feb 1800 Greenock, Middle Parish, parents; Robert McKenzie & Agnes McNeilage. (It sometimes happened that when the register was being written up from notes, the childs name was transfered to the father.) 2. born 26 Feb 1800 Greenock, West Parish, parents; Mourdock McKenzie, Mariner & Augnis McNiglige.
  4. Catherine MacKenzie, born 12 Jan 1802, bapt. 17 Jan 1802 in Greenock, Middle Parish. She married Edward Callen or Cullen, a seaman, on 14 Jan 1827 in Anderston, Barony Parish, Glasgow. They had eight children. She died on 1 May 1884 in Glasgow aged 82
  5. Margaret MacKenzie, born 29 Apr 1805 in Greenock, West Parish.
  6. Agnes MacKenzie, born 24 Sep 1808 in Greenock, West Parish.

  1. 1794 March 22 Murdoch McKenzie Mariner and Ann McNeillage from Dunnoon parish, now both of the New parish here one day. A newsgroup message suggested Agnes was sometimes pronounced Annis which led to confusion of the two names. Whether right or not, the marriage is in the right time-frame and there are no baptisms to a Murdoch and Ann.
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