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We go out of our way to ensure that your message is designed and displayed in the most professional and eye-catching way.

Professional lighting surrounds each advertising panel to guarantee advertisements are presented at their optimum and are clear and easy to view at any time of the day or night.

Each advertisement is displayed behind transparent acrylic, ensuring it is protected and displayed at its best.

Advertisements are printed on tough and durable materials guaranteeing a fantastic final product. Top quality materials combined with the clever design of the Ad on Wheel’s vehicle allows advertisements to slide in and out quickly, and also allows them to be reused for future campaigns, thus saving money on your marketing.

Not only is the Ad on Wheel’s vehicle eye-catching and bold, but also, the strong and sturdy design allows it to perform anywhere and in all weathers.


Ad on Wheels is a unique, eye-catching concept that allows three billboard-style advertisements to be displayed and mobilised simultaneously. 

Ad on Wheels is a fantastic way to get your advertisement noticed by thousands of people every day, in numerous locations. Our travelling billboards move around the city, highways and suburbs … wherever the people are.

You no longer have to rely on potential customers driving past a specific location to view your message.

You will find Ad on Wheels to be one of the most effective, cost-efficient and targeted forms of advertising.

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The advantages of using Ad on Wheels are numerous:

  • Our carefully designed route and schedule system ensures your message is given maximum exposure where the masses are.
  • Advertising is targeted to specific locations, areas, times and events.
  • Exposure levels are dramatically increased due to mobility - your message will be viewed by thousands of people per day. You do not have to rely on your potential customer driving past one fixed location.
  • We are able to change our advertisements quickly, allowing you to display a campaign of advertisements, rather than just one.
  • Campaigns are reusable making the advertising a cost-effective option.
  • We can handle all of your advertising needs (including concept creation and design) or simply display an existing advertisement.
  • We offer our customers a choice of billboard sizes.


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